Letter: Our Douglas County students need your support

Students need your support

There is a bond levy on the May 21 ballot. Are you kidding me, they want more of my money? I’m tired of all levels of government coming after me for more money. Income tax, sales tax, property tax, fees, levies — does it ever stop? Live within their means like the rest of us! I have to live within a budget, so should they.

And the politicians have it figured out: “They won’t vote for this issue but they will vote for education, so let’s shift the money over here and ask for more money for education. They can’t say no, it’s for the kids.”

Sadly, they’re right. I automatically vote “no” on tax increases until it comes to education. If it’s a tax increase for education, I spend a little extra time and learn the facts.

I’ve looked over the district’s 254-page budget (the perfect insomnia cure). During the last five years, our district has cut more than $10 million out of its budget and cut more than 75 staff members. I must admit, I went into this thinking I could find additional cuts, making a bond levy seem unnecessary. I couldn’t. I challenge you to do the same (it‘s on the district website). Yes, its possible to close a school, but that only gets you part of the way. You still need drastic cuts to vital programs essential to education, or a bond levy, to get you the rest.

Sure, there are still some areas for improved efficiencies, but for the most part, our district seems to be using our money wisely. Curriculum, computer technology and significant building maintenance are at the core of education. I think $5 per month seems reasonable. I will vote “yes” on the May 21 bond levy.

Scott Allen


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