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April 29, 2014
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Guest column: Creationism runs counter to both scripture and observable fact

Few responsibilities in one’s life matter as much as acquiring an acceptable degree of common sense. For when all else fails, and your luck has ran out, and your wits have deserted you, you are at least left with the common sense to fall to your knees and pray for deliverance.

Acquiring and maintaining a faith-based relationship with God is just plain common sense. For no single individual possesses the wisdom for which a thousand generations of divinely inspired men and women have preserved for us the logos of God.

Yet, it is also true that moderation in all things is just plain common sense too. For nothing ruins a good stew more than the addition of too much salt.

When our faith in our own personal comprehension of scripture runs counter to observable fact, then it is our faith in our own reckoning that is neither moderate nor in possession of good common sense. For neither scripture nor observable fact lies in error, for only the lies in men’s hearts and minds may we find fault.

The science behind the theory of evolution is rock solid, and is considered by the vast majority of scientists living today to be fact. That is to say, the beneficiaries for whom Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross have produced in the subsequent centuries a Western idea, centered on Christianity, and enlightened by reason, an observable fact, which is evolution. For our God, the creator of the universe, does not trade in lies, but is instead the fountain of all goodness in the world.

There is no good to be found in the lie which is creationism, as it runs counter to both scripture and observable fact. Yet there is much good to be found in the science of evolution.

For scientists are working day and night around the world to better understand how disease-causing organisms evolve. Their work is all that stands between us and rapidly evolving bacteria that threatens lives around the world on a daily basis.

These molecular biologists who stare down through their microscopes at newly evolved species are our soldiers of mercy. They are the product of Christ’s sacrifice. For the sin of the world, Christ died. And in the 2,000 years since, mankind has rebelled against God less.

And less among those who adhere to the principles of the Western tradition, and less still among those who in their moderation have acquired the common sense to know that when there is disagreement between man’s grasp of scripture and observable fact, that it is man, and not the logos of God or of observable fact that is in error.

Creationism has no business in the public classroom as it is inconsistent with a non-literal view of biblical scripture which we, as participants in a modern civilization that rebels against God less and less each year, have revealed through the science of evolution to be inconsistent with observable fact.

We sin less, which is too say we rebel against God less, and the benefits of a less sinful civilization are that we are more prosperous as a species. Sin is bad for you, being godly is good for you. Hence, our children live longer, we have better medicine, and our science is more revealing of God’s logos.

The argument for moderation in all things, and the acquisition of good common sense, is that the stew tastes good. Our civilization is prosperous in all good things, ergo it is more godly. Evolution, and not creationism contributes to that goodness, that real goodness, which is godliness.

Mark Garcia of Myrtle Creek is a small business owner and a Republican candidate for Oregon House District 2. He can be reached at

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