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June 4, 2014
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Letter: Observe the facts of nature

DNA points to evolution

I just read the May 25 letter, “Evolution is also just a belief.” It is full of many misconceptions and falsehoods about this subject. I do not “believe” in evolution. I accept it as an observed fact of nature, just as I accept gravity, and for the same reason. There is overwhelming evidence that this is so.

Evolution is quite possibly the best-supported scientific idea of all time. It explains so much so well with so few assumptions. It is backed up by so much evidence of so many different types, all pointing to the same reality. To deny it happens is just as ignorant as if one were to insist the earth is really flat, in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

The genetic evidence is strongest of all: patterns of nested hierarchies in the data that produce the same tree of life as other genetic data and that also match what we find in the fossil record. Even if we had never found any fossils, once we discovered DNA and started comparing the DNA of different species, we would have figured out evolution happens. Human chromosome 2 is practically a smoking gun showing our recent common ancestry with our great ape cousins.

So, the reason evolution is taught in schools is because it is good, solid science supported by every measurement we can make, and falsified by none. The reason creationism does not belong in a science classroom is that it is not supported by evidence. I noticed some of the letter writer’s information apparently came from the videos of Kent Hovind. It’s sad how much misinformation is spread about this subject by people claiming to do so in the name of God. They shame Christ.

Chris Watson


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