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June 9, 2014
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Letter: We should do what is right because it is right

Satirical parody is unnecessary

Richard Packham’s May 18 satirical parody on Christianity in The News-Review is not surprising considering his anti-theistic attitude towards life. Readers who have previously read his columns already know where he stands on God and religion, so why run such a cruel and demeaning article?

As a retired lawyer, he must know something about law and order, a world-wide problem regardless of what one believes. So how does the God he satirizes solve this rebelliousness otherwise described as “sin,” which is a state of mind? This is what God wants to eliminate. If we regard sin as primarily breaking the rules, God’s commandments may be regarded as arbitrary regulations, designed to show His authority, and to test our willingness to obey. Obey, and we’re rewarded. Disobey, and we’re destroyed. Do you want to live under those circumstances? That is what Packham thinks Christianity is about — and he’s wrong!

Look again at the rules, God’s ten commandments in particular. All they require is that we love God and each other. If we really did that, we’d have peace and freedom. The tenth of the Ten Commandments says we shouldn’t even want to sin. If we lived in that state of mind, not even wanting to do anything unloving, we would have freedom and all kinds of peace and good will.

But can love be commanded or produced by fear? Has God said to us children, “Either love Me, and each other, or I’ll have to kill you? Read from Genesis to Revelation; you’ll see that what God wants is not mere obedience to the rules. He wants us to do what is right because it is right. “The obedience that springs from love and trust is offered in the highest sense of freedom.”

Jim Haynes


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