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November 6, 2012
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Letter: Citizens United

Citizens United

When Citizens United freed companies from any regulations regarding how their employees vote, it was a welcomed sign to send letters to their employees suggesting how they should vote at this year’s election.

Using the fear tactic, these letters complained that if President Obama was re-elected, who would pay for the health care overhaul, possible tax increases and a myriad of regulations that would most likely hurt the company and jeopardize jobs. They even went so far as to suggest who to vote for, leaving the employee who should rightfully vote with his heart and mind, voting for the opposite candidate out of fear. Civility at the polling place in this instance is out of control, fear-mongering is today’s story.

What the Supreme Court has created, and purposely so, is a plutocracy or oligarchy that can and will maintain complete control of our working society. Managing monies and Federal lands that certainly would be open to all energy exploration, is what this control is all about.

In a generation, just 25 years, this country would be unrecognizable, but more than that, our democratic way of life would be buried under the feet of the top tier of money.

Take for example Governor Romney saying that FEMA should be abolished and a similar program run by the states, or yet a better idea, by private enterprise. Imagine private companies making their fortunes on a huge sector of the population’s miseries. Wow, does that blow you away?

Remember the old saying, “Government is for the people who cannot do for themselves.” Example: Hurricane Sandy.

Think about how you vote, and the effect it will have on this country and your personal life.

Sheila Lawrence


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