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January 7, 2013
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Letter: Be aware of statistics on guns

Be aware of stats on guns

The state of Utah is the only state that unequivocally allows teachers with pistol permits to carry in the classroom from kindergarten through graduate school. There has never been a problem. There has also never been a madman running wild with a gun in those schools. Mass shootings are most likely to occur in “gun-free zones.” Some of us would call them “kill zones.” The very idea that making people helpless makes them safer is insane.

An opinion writer in The News-Review’s Dec. 30 paper scorned the influence of violent video games. She should read Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s books on killing, combat, and the training of combat soldiers and marines. His concern is the demonstrable effect of violent videos on our youth, because they are very effective in conditioning today’s troops.

Another writer wants storage laws and extended waiting periods for the purchase of semi-automatic rifles. Here are some facts to leaven the emotions. Ninety percent of all violent crimes in the U.S. do not involve firearms of any type. Less than 1 percent of all firearms will be used in the commission of a crime. Two-thirds of the people who die each year from gunfire are criminals being shot by other criminals. Of the gun murders, 94.4 percent are gang-related. The time to crime for a firearm is from 1 to 12 years. So much for longer waiting periods for purchases.

The writer would do well to read the actual statements of the founders about the Second Amendment, as well as some history on governments disarming their citizens. The truth is starkly different than the propaganda disseminated by the media in league with the government, and which is swallowed whole cloth by too many.

Michael D. Heath

Myrtle Creek

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