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January 25, 2013
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Letter: Douglas County must uphold all laws

Can’t choose laws to uphold

After reading the letter that Sheriff John Hanlin sent to Vice President Biden, I was appalled.

1. He is threatening to not enforce a law that has not even been written or enacted. His main goal, judging by the response on the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office website, was to play on the fears of people who have no idea what the Second Amendment means, or the role of the federal government.

It appears that even the good sheriff doesn’t know that the same Supreme Court ruling that gave individuals their gun rights, also gave the federal government the right to enact and regulate gun laws.

2. His use of we the people, as if the entirety of Douglas County is of one mind. There are a great many people in this county and this country who do not feel as if we need guns to solve the problems. Unfortunately our voices are drowned out by the fear- and hate-mongers, like Sheriff Hanlin. If they say it loudly enough and long enough, people will believe it.

3. The idea that he thinks it is OK to enforce whatever laws he deems constitutional. As Americans, there are laws, regulations and guidelines that we all have to follow, whether we like them or not. I don’t get to pick and choose the laws I want based on how worthy I think they are and neither should he.

There needs to be a grown-up conversation about guns in this country. Unfortunately Sheriff Hanlin and those like him have shown that they can’t be counted on to be a part of it. He reacted without knowing what he was reacting to and he has only succeeded in stirring up fear and hate, and not contributing anything worthwhile to the conversation.

Jennifer Moore


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