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January 25, 2013
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Letter: Free government programs are bankrupting America

That 47 percent controls U.S.A.

A Dec. 21 opinion letter titled “On voting and state of nation,” referred to two letters: “Obama won, America lost” and “U.S. is headed for disaster.”

In that last letter, I referred to voting statistics in the election as facts, not for racial bias! If those facts pointed to minorities, so be it. Out East, I’ve watched inner-city minorities and lazy whites live off the government for four generations, and most still are.

It is these inner-city folks who are having many kids; most out of marriage. I’ve seen inner-city mothers with 10 kids from six different men. How many of these kids are productive today? Very few, if any of them, are. Why attempt to improve their situation? They watched Mama get everything free, so why should they work?

It’s these kinds of free programs that have made America broke today. I believe in helping those who need it and will work to change their plight, but not these free-loaders. They’ve been on government programs so long, they demand it all now.

Getting back to my original letter; Obama won because of these free-loader votes. Look at the states Obama won: East and West areas with major cities like New York, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland.

These are the ones who are getting a free living from Democrats like Obama, so they vote for him for the handouts. Who pays for it? All of us who have worked all our lives.

The letter writer asked who will be the future stewards of America? I’m concerned about that, too. I bet it won’t be those inner-city folks on government programs who are now our controlling population. So much for our “mushroom mentality.”

Chuck Stuermer


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