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February 4, 2013
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Letter: Seek the truth on gun control issues

Seek the truth on gun control

I was disappointed in The News-Review’s Jan. 17 biased front page coverage of the gun control debate. It featured Sheriff Hanlin’s self-centered interview and a headline stating “Gun measures met with resistance.”

Actually, the proposed gun violence measures are supported by the majority of Americans. About 90 percent support universal background checks. More than 70 percent support limits to ammunition magazine size. Almost 60 percent support a ban on assault weapons (military-style automatic weapons). Even the majority of gun owners and National Rifle Association members support these proposals. They make sense to most clear-thinking people. And they do not violate the Second Amendment. In reporting only one side of this debate, The News-Review has sunk to the level of the Fox News “fair and balanced” reporting facade.

Regarding assault weapons, if someone is so insecure and paranoid they think they need an AR-15 assault rifle to defend themselves, that alone should raise a red flag concerning that person’s mental stability. I can picture such a person cowering in his home all night clutching his AR-15 and waiting for whoever he imagine is coming after him. Of course, the NRA leadership puppets, the Fox News bobble-heads, Rush Limbaugh and the like are stoking the fear and screaming that our “rights” will be violated. They claim the answer to gun violence is more guns! If only those innocent kids in Newtown had been armed ...

As for Sheriff Hanlin’s self-righteous blathering about Second Amendment rights, he’s simply pandering to his political base.

Regarding The News-Review, we’re painfully aware of the fear, ignorance, bias and paranoia of the far right on this issue. This is not news. Think of the poor child in Newtown who had 11 bullet holes in his body. Who speaks for him? Certainly not The News-Review.

Ronald Frazier


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