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February 19, 2013
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Letter: Armed citizenry is essential

We must have armed citizens

We are all born with certain God-given, natural, inalienable rights, like freedom of speech, religion, privacy, and self-defense, that are immune from government interference or infringement. No individual, group, or governmental entity has the right or authority to take them away. Many of those rights are spelled out in the Bill of Rights, which are amended to our Constitution.

The Second Amendment was considered essential to prevent a tyrannical government from ever usurping complete control over the people. Places like Communist China, the Soviet Russia, and Nazi Germany have demonstrated how tyrants clinch total control over multitudes by disarming them, and how easily they can then liquidate their opponents by the tens of millions. In the past 100 years, for every victim of a mass murder committed by demented monsters in America, there have been more than 10,000 killed by totalitarian leaders in countries of unarmed citizenry. Those are the types of mass murders that we must forever prevent here.

Obama’s executive orders are not lawful statutes. Legal executive orders are essentially directives, from the president to governmental agencies, to implement lawful statutes that passed the legislative process. If any executive order instantaneously became law of the land, what would prevent the president from issuing dozens of them tomorrow, thus becoming a virtual dictator overnight? Shamefully, if most people were like some of this paper’s recent guest columnists, he would be very tempted to do that.

If government legislates or decrees anything that is in violation of our inherent constitutional rights, it is automatically null and void by natural law, although it may take decades before the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional. An armed citizenry could effectively resist oppression in the meantime, and that’s why the progressives hate guns, except those which they themselves control.

Thomas Bonn


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