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February 22, 2013
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Letter: Pressure legislators for better gun laws

Pressure reps. for gun laws

The ban on assault weapons is not a rational issue. Don’t believe for one moment that you can convince someone who holds the view of the unlimited right to purchase weapons of any type that assault style weapons should be banned. Tired of feeling helpless, I decided to send out an email to my whole email list (knowing well that it included some rather conservative friends). I anticipated a few people asking me to take them off my list. What I did not anticipate was the landslide of emails from people saying, “I am with you. The situation is crazy.” The National Rifle Association has about 4 million members. The population of the United States is 311 million. So what we have is one person out of 79 who are holding us hostage to their beliefs.

I am a psychologist. Don’t buy the argument that we need better mental health funding as a solution. Mass murderers don’t show up in counseling offices.

Some of the people who responded to my email baited me with the question about what is an “assault weapon.” One suggested a rolling pin could be considered an assault weapon, if it’s used for assault. I have learned time and time again: Don’t try to debate the issue with these gun nuts (and to be perfectly clear, I am not talking about legitimate hunters). They have their opinion. Reason won’t change it.

What will change the situation is not reason, but voting. Put pressure on our legislators and don’t let it cease.

As we all know, in our (unfortunate) political system, money speaks. We know the NRA, a thinly veiled lobby for the arms industry, has cash. We simply have to overwhelm them with more cash and political pressure.

Ken Serkownek, Ph.D.

formerly of Roseburg

Sisters, Ore.

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