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March 1, 2013
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Letter: I am ashamed of my country

I’m ashamed of my country

I’m sick and tired of hearing the bias and blatant outright deception being spewed by both those in Washington, D.C., and the press regarding sequestration.

First, it was a program hatched and promoted by the president and his cabinet.

Second, it wouldn’t have been needed at all if the Senate, currently controlled by Democrats, would have passed an annual balanced budget.

Third, the amount “cut” isn’t a cut at all, but a reduction in the scheduled budget increases.

Fourth, the amount of the so-called cut will not decrease our nation debt and will still result in an increase in the overall spending.

Fifth, the amount in defense cuts, around $20 billion, isn’t even a rounding error in the trillions being wasted in Washington D.C., and is less than half the amount promised for Superstorm Sandy relief. It amounts to two or three cents on the dollar at the federal level.

Six, if the state of Oregon was not getting welfare in the form of timber payments and was logging our O&C lands instead, we would not be in our current position of begging our federal government for funds for police and education.

Seventh, we are more than $16 trillion in debt, and yes, it was run up by both Republicans and Democrats. However, if we can’t find a way to reverse this trend, we will find ourselves in the same situation as Greece.

We’re $16 trillion in debt; 46 cents of every dollar is borrowed or created out of thin air. That results in a debt of $53,000 for every U.S. citizen, every man, woman and child.

It would be very refreshing to see a news broadcast where we actually got an unbiased news report, not a regurgitation of talking points.

Gerald Gindlesperger

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