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March 14, 2013
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Letter: Communication in government is key

Key to govt. is communication

Recent articles in The News-Review have described the somewhat differing policies and strategies of Sen. Ron Wyden and U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio for federal timberland legislation. These articles made me wonder, though. Do these two guys ever talk to each other? Do they have each other’s cell phone numbers? Why do they need to use The News-Review as their intermediary?

Yes, voters are entitled to know the perspectives of each of these political figures and it’s good that The News-Review publishes this information. But can’t the two of them get together to come up with a unified plan? They’re in the same political party. They have constituencies in common. Why can’t they work together to get the House and the Senate on the same page regarding this legislation? Any federal legislation faces an awfully high hurdle these days. To have our senator and representative working at cross purposes only makes the hurdle higher.

I give Wyden and DeFazio credit for being creative, independent thinkers. But given the current level of dysfunction in Congress, that isn’t enough. We need elected officials who can work within their parties, across parties and across the two houses of Congress to accomplish legislation that benefits our district, state and country.

I’m tired of seeing politicians in both parties who fall on their ideological swords to promote a point of view, but fail to accomplish anything that benefits the general citizenry. Both Wyden and DeFazio are veterans in Congress. At this point, they should be using their seniority to lead, forge consensus, and drive important accomplishments. Maybe this is happening, but I don’t see it. C’mon, guys. Pick up the phone and talk to each other.

Duke Bender


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