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March 18, 2013
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Truth of Youth: Should drones be allowed to fly in U.S. airspace?

“A preliminary question is this: Why would there be drones flying in American airspace? Drones are used for surveillance and strategic bombing. They are great for taking out individuals or groups of people without any loss of life to those operating the drones. They are also good for spying on our enemies. With that said, why would we want drones flying in our skies? We’re not the enemy! I don’t want the government spying on me and I don’t care to have the government flying explosives around over my head. Another thing is that the government cannot legally attack any citizen of the United States, terrorist or not, without due process of law. It is true that drones could help catch criminals and keep the peace in general but it comes at the cost of our freedom. I have pledged allegiance to a nation of free individuals, not a totalitarian state where my every move is watched and danger lurks in the skies.”

Alex Hartzell, senior

Milo Adventist Academy

“A leaked government document has revealed that the primary purpose for drones in the U.S. is this: To be able to execute U.S. citizens in an expedient situation if authorized by a high-ranking official. Please take note of the broad language. ‘Official’ hasn’t been defined. The ‘situations’ have not been defined. But all of this takes place without a judge or jury, a warrant, or even evidence. The entire ethos of the drones in the U.S. violates the Fifth Amendment, which states that citizens may not be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

“But our government would rather we focus more gun control, so our citizens don’t have the option to potentially harm someone with their firearms. (Irony, anyone?) All this while the Department of Homeland Security purchases massive amounts of guns, ammo and armored vehicles.

“Everyone knows that governments never turn on their citizens.”

Kelsi Miller, freshman


“The question is slightly ambiguous – what would drones be used for in American airspace? Would they be used to kill people like they are used elsewhere around the world to kill terrorists, or would they be used by universities for research and by fire departments and police stations? There is no doubt that drones are a huge asset to the military, and they have often been called the ‘secret weapon’ of the United States. According to Time magazine, 10 years ago the Pentagon had only 50 drones, and it now has 7,500, and more than a third of the aircraft of the Air Force are unmanned.

“It is obvious that along with all the technological advances of recent decades, drones are ushering in a new kind of warfare with it. But as with any new gadget, one must be careful not to allow it to get out of control and to misuse it.”

Dora Totoian, freshman

Roseburg High School

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