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March 21, 2013
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Letter: Seek the truth on sequester issue

Seek the truth on sequester

Does anyone really believe that the sky will fall because of this so-called sequester? If we listen to Emperor Obama, we are heading toward Armageddon because of a huge 2 percent budget cut (not really a cut). I’d list all the terrible things that will happen, but there’s not enough room on this page.

And of course, it was the Republicans’ fault even though Obama is the one who proposed the sequester. And many of the liberal puppets helped: Nancy Pelosi tweeted “when sequester hits, up to 750, 000 Americans could lose their jobs ... ” Maxine Waters claimed at first that “over 170 million jobs could be lost” (170 million?), but later corrected herself saying it was “only 750,000 jobs could be lost.”

The Associated Press reported that more than 2,000 illegal immigrants were released from jail because of the sequester, with plans to release 3,000 more! Of course, the White House didn’t know anything about it (sure). What is funny is that the government actually criticized AP’s reporting as “ill-informed, inaccurate information.” Boy, this is a tough choice for me: Who is lying, the AP or the Obama administration?

Then at last, a little bit of truth: Obama finally admitted in part that “it’s conceivable that up to the first month, a lot of people may not notice the full impart of the sequester” (Armageddon?). But all this is typical of this administration. Scare people as much as possible and let the media take care of the rest. Obama’s complete transparency? First was “Fast and Furious.” Now our messiah decides Benghazi survivors could be fired without explanation for cooperating with Congressional oversight on Benghazi (four dead Americans) and they would lose their access to the Whistle Blower Protection Act to defend themselves. How wonderful.

Jim Nikirk


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