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May 6, 2013
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Letter: Perspective on government spending

Perspective on govt. spending

The right finds almost any excuse to belittle science, as witness the recent letter about government waste in scientific exploration. The writer was parroting Fox News about research on the breeding habits of snails that host the schistosomiasis worm, found in Asia, Africa and South America. The worm penetrates the skin and resides in internal organs, resulting in lower cognitive functions and bladder cancer. The disease is a serious problem in undeveloped countries where pure water is scarce.

However, the net cost of these programs is miniscule compared to the right’s subsidies to big oil, big agriculture, big Pharma, the subsidies to companies sending jobs overseas, and tax breaks to the wealthy but not available to the middle class.

The right seems to be against: climate change, gun control (34 people a day are killed by guns), science, pay equity, abortion, gays, voting rights, (the only people indicted for vote tampering were Republican election officials) immigration, social programs, disaster relief, and against what they were for last year.

What are they for? Their budget does not solve the debt problem as advertised, it only hamstrings the safety net put in place long ago. They are bent on passing as many anti-abortion bills as possible, and restricting the right of the poor to vote, while doing nothing to promote job growth at home, either at the state or federal level. But there is no clear answer to what the right wants to cut.

Meanwhile, they keep up the lie that the federal budget is like a family budget that must be balanced (except for the mortgage, car payments, and credit cards)! Only a severe case of dogmatism prevents the right from taking a pragmatic approach to our financial situation.

David Grant

Myrtle Creek

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