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May 22, 2013
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Another view of gun control

This is in response to the letter entitled “Frustrated by Gun Policies,” published April 25. Quote: “The NRA spews forth lie after lie.” As a member of the NRA, I find this offensive.

The NRA is the nation’s oldest civil-rights organization, dedicated to preserving our civil right of self-defense as codified by the Second Amendment, and to making the truth known about those who would deprive us of that right.

It’s too bad that the gun-control advocates resort to name-calling and emotional blackmail instead of being willing to have a civil discussion based on facts.

Like all Americans of good conscience, I decry the occurrence of senseless violence in our society. But a new onslaught of gun control laws will not fix this problem.

The Boston and Oklahoma City bombers and the 9/11 hijackers didn’t need guns to commit mass murder. And “gun-free zones” only encourage cowards who want to shoot fish in a barrel, with no threat to themselves. When a concealed-carry permit holder violated this gun-free-zone rule in Clackamas, the perpetrator committed suicide rather than confront an armed victim or be held accountable for his actions.

“Universal Background Checks” is a thinly disguised back-door attempt at universal gun registration. History shows that registration leads to confiscation, as has happened in Nazi Germany, the UK, and California.

And gun confiscation leaves our nation held hostage to the whims of the criminals who have not registered or surrendered their guns, the crazies, and the terrorists who hate us because of our freedoms. Perhaps some believe that if we trade our freedom in for the illusion of safety, the terrorists won’t hate us anymore, the crazies will somehow find sanity, and the criminals will suddenly find Jesus ... but I don’t think so.

Bruce Rester


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