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July 2, 2013
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Letter: No feds in sex business

No feds in sex business

It is time to get the federal government out of the sex business. We have many nasty words for those in the sex business: pornographers, pimps, madams, prostitutes, boy-toys, abortionists, gays, straights, lesbians, and the list goes on. By official government decree we are all equal; anyone can love and marry anyone, so why do we need all those regulations anymore? The federal government keeps whining “no money,” so here is an easy way to save billions. Indeed, by burning all the old regulations to generate power, it could make a lot of money.

The strange sexes are demanding separate but equal restrooms be built for them; however, our negroes proved the fallacy of separate but equal decades ago. We don’t need government billions, all we need to do is remove all the “Men” and “Women” signs and install “Whatever” signs. This would be far cheaper than remodeling every public building and truly equal.

The next time you fill out any government form and it asks for sex, reply “No, thank you,” or “Sure,” as the case may be.

Terry Stafford


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