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July 9, 2013
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Tea party hit harder by IRS

In the June 16 letter headed “IRS targeting,” conservatives were chided for being upset because “purely political organizations don’t qualify for tax exempt status.”

The IRS in Pub. 557 states that a 501(c)(4) exemption is for civic leagues, social welfare organizations, and local associations of employees who promote community welfare: charitable, educational or recreational.

I believe they applied for this exemption. If their purpose is to promote conservatism and not a special candidate the exemption is valid. Liberal organizations were approved quickly while conservative organizations are still waiting two-plus years later for approval.

Information was requested which the IRS is not entitled to. The IRS by this strategy of delay kept donations down and prevented conservatives from getting their message out to the voting public thus influencing the election in 2012.

These tea party groups targeted by the IRS are encouraging the public to vote people into office who will follow the constitution, enforcing all laws, not just those the administration likes.

The tea party groups are following the ideals of our revolutionary patriots and founding fathers. They fought the tyranny of King George III and taxation without representation. They dumped the tea because of the unfair tax on it.

When the terms Patriot, Liberty, and Tea Party are triggers for illegal scrutiny and delays toward legal exemptions there is something rotten in government and the IRS.

Unions have no trouble getting a 501(c)(5) to ”improve conditions of work and products of efficiency.” But that’s OK because the unions don’t use any of their money to support liberal candidates. Oh, of course they do.

What bothers me the most is the attitude that if it is done to a conservative he deserves it, but if it is done to a liberal all hell should break loose.

Sheila Jackson


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