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October 3, 2013
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Letter: Love our country and let go of hate

On people who hate Obama

I meet you all the time. You hate Obama. You hate gay people, black people, brown people, Muslims, and women who want control over their own bodies.

You hate being called a racist or a bigot. You hate socialism, but won’t give up your Medicare or Social Security. You hate the government, but rely on it daily for your roads. You hate Obamacare, but like the Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center and it’s socialized medicine.

You just hate.

You like war, guns, Rush Limbaugh and Jesus. I don’t understand how Jesus is compatible with the other three, but no one ever accused haters of ideological consistency.

You hate liberals, moderates and anyone who disagrees with you. You hate facts that don’t fit your ideology. Well here are some facts. If you hate gay people and blacks more than you love America, you should take your own advice and get out. Several countries are openly hostile to gays, like Russia!

You hate Obama with a passion, despite the fact that he’s cut taxes, reduced the deficit, killed bin Laden, and brought the troops home from Iraq.

You dance with your hatred, singing it proudly, like it was a 1950s musical. Frankly, you disgust me. Your hatred nauseates me. Your bigotry offends me. Your racism revolts me.

I openly question your patriotism. Your actions to thwart Obama at every turn has damaged America more than any Taliban attack ever could.

You say you “want your country back.” Here’s another fact. It’s not your country; you don’t own it. It’s the country of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, straights, men, women and even scientists.

Stop wearing your hate with pride. Stop celebrating your anti-math and anti-science ignorance.

Stop hating everyone who’s not exactly like you!

Kerry Atherton


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