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September 4, 2013
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Letter: Let scientific community reach a consensus on global warming before spending trillions on climate change

Science and global what?

Forbes included a May 31, 2012, opinion piece in which a Heartland Institute employer wrote about the results of the Seventh International Climate Change Conference. Some conclusions:

1. Natural climate cycles have turned from warming to cooling.

2. Global temperatures have been declining for more than 10 years.

3. Global temperatures will continue to decline for another two decades.

Since we know carbon dioxide levels have been climbing for several years, anyone should realize CO2 does not cause global warming. Forget the so-called scientific studies of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, from whence has come the politically correct global warming mania.

Three leading solar scientists at a July 11. 2013, American Astronomical Society teleconference presented the latest data about the weakening of solar activity. Earth is currently at a solar maximum in a regular 11-year sun spot cycle. This is the smallest solar maximum in 100 years. Dr. Ian Elliott believes we’re entering a very low solar activity period. This all means a colder earth, especially winters.

The spread-the-wealther’s scheme is to blame climate change (too hot, cold, wet , windy, dry) on carbon dioxide. In my opinion, there are two scientist group factions at war here: the politically correct doomsayers whose studies are scientifically uncontrolled and non-reproducible; and the non-politically correct, truly scientific professionals, whose studies are well-controlled and reproducible. If our administration is planning to spend trillions of tax-payer dollars on changing our climate, why not wait until the science community can reach a concensus? Or how about choosing the most scientific group’s (unreported in the liberal mainstream media) findings. Oh, I forgot, government is all about wasting taxpayer money, and people love to keep electing the same politicians and getting the same result. Never mind.

Tim Juett


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