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September 26, 2013
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Letter: Don't expect zealots to compromise

Same old thing, same results

The right wing has evidently exhausted their options trying to defeat President Obama. They’ve now become positively hysterical about ObamaCare, no longer even pretending to have a replacement. They just want to destroy the Affordable Care Act, put 3 million people off of health care, return us to lifetime caps, pre-existing conditions, premiums with 30 percent overhead charges, no wellness coverage, and no competition in plans.

The right has whipped up those who fall for their doom and gloom predictions.

As a result of their continued poisoning of the well of popular opinion, they’ve managed to obscure the truth about ObamaCare. Some on the fringe claim this is socialism (gasp!), as in, “Keep your government hands off my Social Security.”

The health insurance industry is still safely (?) in private hands, but there are more areas for consumer protection, competition and cost control.

The right has been against every improvement in the social safety net since before the New Deal. They’re trying again to cripple Social Security and Medicare, and are fighting the minimum wage increase; anything to keep the poor poorer, and the rich richer. These zealots haven’t heard of “compromise.”

Shutting down the government is typical of the hysterical ideas of the fringe right like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. They think if they hold their breath until they turn blue, the rest of us will “see the light.” The last time they tried this trick, the country resoundingly told them to stop being stupid. Just ask Newt Gingrich.

Is this the definition of insanity? Try the same thing and hope for a different result? I urge my fellow citizens to look closely at what we had prior to ObamaCare and then at the changes the law is bringing.

Make up your own minds, without the right wing cheerleading.

David Grant

Myrtle Creek

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