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October 11, 2013
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Letter: Has hate become a political buzzword?

On hate and obstruction

I would like to respond to an Oct. 2 letter in which the writer claims to meet hateful people all the time. This seems to be the dirty political tactic of choice the last 30 years or so. When someone disagrees with your agenda, label them a “hater;” this will shut them up.

If you don’t condone killing unborn children, you hate women. If you think every sovereign nation has a right to secure borders, you hate minorities. If you think marriage is between a man and a woman, you hate homosexuals. And let us not forget the government. If you think government should be restrained and stream lined at any level, well, I guess you’re just some anti-government wacko who wants to throw Grandma under the bus. I wonder if the writer hates the millions of non-whites who question Obama’s policies?

My other comments pertain to the E.J. Dionne column that published the same day. Mr. Dionne labels representatives extremist and obstructionist if they do their best to represent the people who elected them. This is not “ripping up the roots of our great constitutional system,” this is how our constitutional republic is supposed to work. There are untold thousands of voters in Oregon who have had no voice in Washington for years. At least someone is speaking for us, even if they are from another state. It would be nice to see our “obstructionist” senators cross party lines occasionally.

Sigmund “Buddy” Kovachy


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