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November 15, 2013
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Letter: Many gun owners and NRA members favor background checks

Be responsible gun owners

I am a life-long gun owner. I’m a progressive Democrat. I was a career military officer. I support my president. I also support the main views of the members (but not the leadership) of the National Rifle Association. I think we should all be required to have training and a license in order to operate motor vehicles, which are a potential threat to the public. I hold the same opinion regarding gun ownership.

Several research studies, including the Pew Center, Luntz poll, CBS, and the New England Journal of Medicine consistently have found that 82 to 85 percent of gun owners favor universal criminal background checks, while a consistent 75 percent of NRA members also favor universal background checks. In addition, 75 percent of NRA members also agree with strict rules and training for concealed weapons.

The problem is with NRA leadership, who are vehemently opposed to universal background checks (reversing an earlier position). Only half of NRA income is from member dues; a significant part of the rest of the income is from “Corporate Partnerships” within the firearms industry. It is in the best interest of NRA leadership to support heavy sales and distribution of guns and accessories, with the fewest restrictions possible.

Just as there is no right under the First Amendment to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, neither should criminals be able to buy guns from gun shows. I know the old argument, that they will still find them somewhere, but why make it so easy? No Constitutional Amendment is absolute in its application. I would like to see what happens if the NRA becomes a truly representative organization of its members, and not the lackeys of the gun industry.

Dr. Phil Moser


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