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January 28, 2014
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Letter: An open mind should include common sense

Trusts nature more than govt.

It appears our government has gone completely insane, shooting one type of owl to supposedly (hopefully?) save the other. Where are the Audubon Society, the Humane Society of the U.S., PETA and other environmentalists when we need them? They certainly stick their noses in when we try to manage our forests through logging. Note that trees are a renewable resource; we can plant more. Yet wildlife and owls are left to fend for themselves.

Unknown amounts of money are tossed at perceived problems — money we don’t have. Meanwhile, man has never done as good a job as Mother Nature at handling how the environment should be run. This is also why money wasted on supposed global warming is such a crime.

Oh, excuse me, we now call it climate change, due to the extreme cold weather. Of course climate is changing. It’s winter, so it is cold. In the summer, it is hot — every year. Check history. There was an ice age when the earth was extremely cold, but over the centuries, it changed. Dinosaurs are now extinct, probably due to the climate. Blame that pesky Mother Nature.

Yes, we should care. We should try to be as kind to the environment and wildlife as we can, but we live here, too. Let’s not be so open-minded our brains fall out. Encourage our government to use more common sense, to realize they can’t control everything and frankly, they do such a lousy job they shouldn’t even try! Let Mother Nature handle the species.

Government just seems to make an expensive mess of things. If it comes to a choice between her and government, I have more faith in Mother Nature knowing what she’s doing. Stop killing the barred owl. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars.

Midge Frost


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