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I realize that over 90% of people in drug rehab use again. My point was that two older people ended up dipping into their savings for retirement to pay for private rehab. That hurt their retirement possibilities. Drug addicts and their usage do hurt people even if the hurt is financial. It still effects others. Has anyone had an first hand experience living with or dealing with a drug addicted person? I have seen women "loan" themselves for another fix. Unfortunately, many end up pregnant and those children pay dearly for their parents decisions. They can live in poverty and repeat the cycle of sex for drugs just to numb the pain. Watched a dealer in Texas raise his child. The kid was pawned off to whoever would babysit for drugs. While Dad was out "scoring". The kid grew up to do the same as his dad. He repeated the cycle. They both have extensive arrest records some involving violence. But someone has to hold people responsible for their choices. And that happens to be the law now. Do I feel sorry for someone that made the conscious choice to stick a needle in their arm. No. I feel sorry for those that have been hurt by their behavior.

Old Tobi

Self-harm is mental illness. Sane people don't harm themselves, whether with drugs, razor blades or over-consumption of chocolate cake. It doesn't make sense to prosecute mentally ill people who are harming only themselves by self-medicating by charging them with felonies, especially if the crimes they're committing are misdemeanors. Sales and distribution, especially by foreign nationals, deserve severe penalties, but addiction is a medical issue, not a moral one.


Drug abuse is linked directly with an increase in crime. Whether that crime is a simple as theft or as horrible as sex for drugs. That is where the term meth whores came from. I have had a drug addicted person in my family. They stole. It started small like doctor prescribed medicine and advanced to bigger things. Every person that effected was hurt by the drug user. Just like someone driving down the road can be effected by a drunk driver. Why should I care? Because I am a tax payer and a human being. Are you?

Denise F

It baffles my mind how so many of her personal agendas are being passed without voter approval. Next thing she'll do is ask for Federal Funding to pay for rehab centers so the State doesn't have to. Then the money that would have gone to rehab centers she will re-allocate to another of her personal agenda items that does nothing to enhance our state. She is such a disappointed to so many of us and I am proud to have signed the petition to start the recall process.


It is obvious from the poll how the drug addicts voted. LOL


The only drug I've ever done is alcohol, but I voted yes. People that really want to do these drug are going to do them: legal, felony, or misdemeanor. I would just assume not clog up the jails with them if they are otherwise not harming anybody else.


They harm their children, parents, spouses, those they steal from to support their illegal habit, those they harm while under the influence. if you just want to keep the jail vacant or "unclogged" why put anyone in there using that line of logic. Jails are there to punish those that do not obey the law. How would you feel if a drug addict gave drugs to your child?


I know a family that dipped into retirement savings in order to pay for a private treatment facility in Austin, Texas. That hurt the couple's retirement hopes. And after all of that the person was back on drugs within a month. They did some things that I won't mention but they were done in order to secure more drugs. Let's just say that a female was loaned to a person selling drugs.


Many of those other things you mention are crimes in themselves: (child endangerment, theft, etc.) If you are going to arrest them for those things if and when they occur, that is fine. If they are off abusing drugs on their own and harming nobody else, why should you care?


[alien] you used the word logic and you are not logical in your statement. You probably believe that drug and alcohol programs really work.

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