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We are a "no" vote on the proposed OHV site in Lookinglass area. While we are for this form of recreational activity, we are astounded that they would choose this site because of the proximity of homes, noise, potential landslides & decrease in our property values. I wonder how many people supporting this idea would be willing to take a 20 per cent decrease in their property values and put up with the noise, dust created by a projected 150 vehicles a day using this site 365 days a year from dawn to dusk

Roberta of Roseburg

I find it interesting that the yes votes are so high. At the meeting held in Melrose there were about 100 people present and approximately 80 were against the park. Most of those present for the park did not live in the area. I also find it interesting that about 300 homes would be directly affected by the park and that over 600 yes votes are in this poll. Today I saw several Facebook posts from those who are for the park stating that they were asking everyone they knew to go to the News Review poll and vote yes, no matter where they live. I feel this is very dishonest and does not give accurate representation of the local view. One could call this FAKE NEWS. Shame on those that will do anything to get what they want no matter how negatively it will impact the majority both financially and in quality of life.


I do have a dog in the fight because my son and family lives next door to this property. He bought it around 6 months ago. This is a disaster what they are wanting to put right next door. You move out in the country to get away from it all and look what happens. These guys can go to the coast or Eastern Oregon to play with their toys. That's what my son does. Yes he likes to ride his toys to. Not in someone's backyard. He goes to the beach.

Roberta of Roseburg

The number of homes that would most likely be effected would be around 300. I find it interesting that the yeses far exceed that number. They are most likely people that do not live in the area. I also read a Facebook posting where those that are for the park are sending notices to all those they know, no matter where they live to vote yes. I feel this is not an accurate count of the people directly effected and is in fact FAKE NEWS. Shame on those so selfish to have what they want that they will do what ever it takes to get it; no matter how many people it will effect in a very negative way.


I went to a meeting at the Lookingglass Grange years ago, when the County told all of us they had to close the transfer site due to DANGEROUS sliding and potential avalanches of mud, etc. So what's changed?


I find it interesting that this is being polled before there has been a review by the Planning Commission or the BOC. This is not a "court of public opinion", but a question of land use (zoning is Farm Forest; OHV is not an appropriate use), environmental concern (documented existing large landslide and additional areas documented as "high" for potential activity) not to mention the County's ability to afford this (design, build, operate, maintain).

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