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Jenn Silvas

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September 23, 2013
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Jenn Silvas: Open your eyes, mom | Moms

​| Guest Mom Monday |

A saying said too often, but is more than completely true: “Life is too short and way too often taken for granted.”

As a matter of fact, I feel like even though this saying is used constantly, it too is taken for granted. I think it was meant to make an impact, a difference, so that someone can see what is in front of them and what they are missing.

As a parent, we miss a lot. Sometimes it is unintentional and is bound to happen with not much we can do about it. Some of us work, some have multiple kids, and let’s be honest with ourselves, we need to leave the room to go the bathroom or shower ever once in a while right?

But other times I think that we miss out on moments because we are caught up in what isn’t really important. For some of us it’s Facebook, cell phones or television. For others, I think we just go through the motions of the life we live, but don’t really live it.

I know for myself that some days can be rough with an almost two-year-old, a three-and-a-half-year-old and a seven-year-old, it gets hectic. My husband works for an on-call company, so his schedule and hours vary in a huge way and we can go weeks at a time in chaos mode.

It’s then that I just seem to go through the motions and I forget to enjoy the special moments that are constantly happening. I, too, will zone out on Facebook to get a break and a dose of “adult life,” as I call it.

However, when I take the time to breathe, and I remember the amazing gifts that God has given me, then I am in awe at what I take in.

My son Dominic loves boxes. He will stick his head in a box, but be bent over with his feet still planted on the ground and stand there like an ostrich for minutes on end. It’s the funniest thing ive ever seen.

Becca loves to dress up and dance like a princess ballerina. She is beautiful, and when she twirls she always makes eye contact with me every turn to see if I’m watching her.

Savannah loves to sing, and she knows her songs that she learned from Vacation Bible School by heart. I love watching her sing songs to Jesus because she has such passion in her eyes and her happiness just radiates from her face.

When I stop and pay attention to what is important, I can witness all of this in a matter of minutes.

Life is too short. Our children grow up too quickly and even when we’re trying desperately not to, we miss out on so much. I, for one, want to enjoy and experience all I can in this life and of course, who better to do that with than my family.

On Labor Day, we took a trip to Winchester bay and every single one of us enjoyed it thoroughly, just our little family and the beach. While we were there on the beach, I took a little moment for me: I walked out until I was thigh-deep in the water, the waves were splashing up against me and I could smell the salt in the air. The breeze was cool, but not cold and the sun was warm.

I stared up at the sky and I said a little prayer. I thanked God for my family and for the beautiful day, for opening up my eyes to what is truly important in this life, and I made a vow to try my hardest to not take it all for granted again.

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