Dolores Hanson

Dolores Hanson


1935 –2019

Departed, but forever in our thoughts and hearts, Dolores passed away peacefully in Myrtle Creek. She is preceded in death by mother Ava, husband Alf, and brothers Wayne and Frank. She is survived by daughters Tara and Dana; son-in-law, John; and grandson, Conor.

Dolores was born in California. She, her mom and brothers moved to Myrtle Creek when she was 13. Relocating to such a rural town was initially a shock to the young teen, but she came to know it as her own, and lived there her entire life.

As she grew to love the community, so did she come to love a jewelry store owner named Alf who she met at the RIO theatre where she worked. There were many trips to the jewelry store to purchase items she could ill afford, just in hopes of seeing him. She would often say, “I chased him until he caught me”. She graduated from Myrtle Creek High School in 1953, and she and Alf were married that same year.

Dolores’s work career began as a telephone operator, responding with “number please” and plugging cords into a switchboard to connect calls. She then joined Alf as they owned and operated Hanson Jewelers for 30 years. Dolores ran her own income tax preparation and bookkeeping business for 48 years. She was also a Certified Financial Planner for many years.

She enjoyed golfing with her brothers, her son-in-law John, and many other friends and family members as she competed for the bragging rights to the family trophy. Dolores achieved a feat in golf that very few othersdo, with an elusive “hole-in-one”. In May of 2000 on a beautiful Southern Oregon morning, while golfing with her brothers, she achieved this distinction on the 2nd hole of the Myrtle Creek Golf Course.

Dolores volunteered at the local library, and was lifetime user. She enjoyed traveling and spending time at the beach each year after tax season. She loved working with her many clients and the challenges of ever-changing tax laws. Her clients became her extended family. Perhaps one of the things Dolores will be most fondly remembered for were her Thanksgiving dinners when folks gathered year after year to enjoy camaraderie, games and great food. As many as 30 family members and friends were not unusual. It wasn’t really Thanksgiving unless it was at Dolores and Al’s house with everyone else.

The family will be forever grateful to all those who helped allow Dolores to remain in her home in the “room that Al built” as she waited for him to come take her home.

A celebration of life is being planned for Dolores and will be held at Seven Feathers Casino and Resort in Canyonville on August 3rd, 2019, at 1:00. In lieu of flowers, please consider the Friends of Myrtle Creek Library, Mercy Hospice or many of the local charities that support the Myrtle Creek community.

So, Dolores as you walk off with your bag of Fritos and glass of white zinfandel in one hand, while pulling your golf bag behind you with the other, please turn around and give us one last wave goodbye. We’ll miss you.

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