Gregory Bruce Logan, age 72, passed away in his home on February 8, 2018, surrounded by his family. The youngest of four siblings, Greg spent his early childhood in the Northwest before moving to Sacramento, in 1950. At age seventeen, he enlisted in the Coast Guard and spent six years on active duty aboard ships patrolling from Mexico to Alaska.

During the sixties, Greg travelled the western U.S. looking for adventure. He attended Fresno State College, where in 1970, he received a degree in Geography and Cartography. During summers and after college, he ran a campground in Glenns Ferry, Idaho, where in 1972, he met and married Catherine Holmes. In 1976, they had a son, Joshua. In 1981, Cathy and Josh moved to Colorado Springs. Greg stayed in Idaho, working as a land surveyor and making frequent trips to Colorado to visit Josh.

In 1985, Greg moved to Santa Rosa, California, where he met Sally and her son Nathan. In 1989, Greg asked Sally and Nathan to spend the rest of their lives with him. They added a daughter, Chelsea, to the family in 1990. In 2010, once Josh, Nathan, and Chelsea were grown, Greg and Sally moved to Elkton, Oregon. As he had done throughout his life, Greg embraced the local community and became a part of the Lion's Club, Douglas County Parks Board, Elkton Baptist Church, Elkton Romeos, the Elkton Senior Group, and Friends of Mildred Kanipe.

Greg approached his life with warmth, humor, encouragement, and acceptance. A great lover of the outdoors, his adventurous and inquisitive nature followed him everywhere. He valued hard work and was never without some sort of project-whether fixing a broken tractor, drawing maps, or building his own solar pump system. After a long day of work, he loved kicking back with carne asada tacos and a cold beer or a king-sized Baby Ruth and a Pepsi.

Greg was a dedicated and supportive husband, father, and grandfather who always seemed to have an excellent suggestion for or solution to almost any problem. His faith in the Lord was evident through his courage, strong will, and positive outlook. He will be greatly missed by his wife, children, grandchildren, sisters, and friends.

A family and friends service has been held.

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