J.P. Teets passed away Tuesday, August 28, 2018, at home in Portland, Oregon. He was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, March 27, 1941, the son of James and Katherine Teets.

J.P. lived his life with many interests, always learning and growing with great passion. J.P. served his country in the Marine Corp. He raced cars and became a professional chef. He guided climbers up Mt. Rainier and walked from Seattle to Southern California. He also walked the Pacific Crest trail. He became a motivator for the 1984 Olympic bicycle team. He was involved in all aspects of the automotive industry including but not limited to, wholesale parts sales, being a Master Mechanic, Collision, tires, wheel alignment shop owner and the creation of Vehicular Forensics, Automotive Investigations. His final adventure was his ranch with his menagerie of animals and his prize mules.

He is survived by his wife of 30 years, Susan Ferguson; his two younger brothers, Neal Teets and Dean Teets; and his daughters, Celeste Patton and Devon Teets. He has two grandchildren, Samantha Brenner and Dustin Kaiser. His daughter, Susan Kay Beeman passed before him in 2014. He also valued his relationship with her husband, Web Beeman.

He leaves much love and many good memories of lively discussions with those who knew him.

“All are lucky who allowed him to come into their hearts.”

There will be no service.

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