Thornton Edward “Ed” Luttrell, II of Marysville, Washington, passed away on September 2, 2019 while visiting his beloved family ranch in Roseburg, Oregon. He was 67 years old.

Ed was born February 6, 1952 at Walter Reed Army Hospital, the only child of Thornton Edward Luttrell and Althea LaRaut Luttrell. His parents met serving in the United States Army in Japan, where Ed spent his earliest years. Later, the family was stationed in Germany, before Ed and his mother settled in Lakewood, Washington, near Fort Lewis. Ed spent summers in Roseburg, Oregon at the LaRaut Family Century Ranch, which has been in his mother’s family for generations. His love for the area resulted in his decision to live in Roseburg during his teenage years, graduating from Roseburg High School in 1970; he used to joke that he was listed on the Dean’s List due to a bureaucratic error. He was an excellent basketball player in high school and later played at the collegiate level for the Willamette Bearcats. He attended Tacoma Community College for two years, prior to transferring to Willamette University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science in 1974 and MBA from the Atkinson Graduate School of Administration at Willamette University in 1977.

Following his graduation, Ed accepted a position with Peter Pan Seafoods in Alaska. Though friends predicted he wouldn’t last two weeks on a fishing trawler, Ed quickly worked his up to Superintendent on the 296-foot M/V Royal Sea. This experience, combined with his education, tenacity, and work ethic, led Ed to prominent executive positions in the fishing and marine industries, including American Seafoods and Arctic King. In 1995, Ed started his own company, Dalmoreproduct Vessel Management, Inc. (DVMI, Inc.), which managed super trawlers based in Russia. He was well-known and highly respected throughout the industry as a caring boss, who held everyone in his company to the highest standard, himself included.

In 2004, Ed purchased Kinematics Marine Equipment Inc. As owner and President, Ed grew the company into an internationally renowned marine vessel equipping company, building deck equipment for the small fishing and work boat fleets in Alaska, West Coast, Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard of the United States, with special expertise in gill net, research and underwater construction equipment.

Throughout his life, Ed gave unselfishly to the communities in which he lived and worked. He for many years served on the Willamette Alumni Board of Directors and Atkinson Graduate School of Administration Advisory Board. For many years he was a board member of the Russian American Foundation, and was a proud life-long member of the National Rifle Association. He brought his business acumen to his local community as well, serving as a board member for Shaw Island Inc and the Wilbur Cemetery.

Ed was blessed to marry three women whom he loved, Kari, Shannon, and the mother of his children, Teresa Molitor Luttrell. In 1997, Ed and Teresa purchased a home on Shaw Island, Washington, that was the site of many family celebrations, and remained a very special part of Ed’s life until his passing.

Ed is preceded in death by his parents and son, Thornton Edward Luttrell, III, “Teddy”. His daughters Erin Joy Leigh, Elizabeth Luttrell Fellars, and son-in-law Shreve Fellars survive him, as well as many beloved friends and business associates. A true family man, Ed’s children were at the center of his life, as he was at the center of theirs.

Ed cherished community; he would go out of his way to help others, even those he barely knew. He would argue that there was “no such thing as true altruism,” because he enjoyed helping others, and that joy was his own reward. In addition to his children, Ed’s greatest legacy is in his thoughtful generosity, and all the lives he touched with his kindness and support. He always was bigger than life, both in stature and the way he lived. Although he left this life far too early for those who love him, he leaves having loved well, and his legacy of kindness, humor, love and generosity will live on in his family and friends.

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