Winnifred Pearl Haddock (Cindy Harris) was born in Exeter, Missouri, July 11, 1936. A few weeks after her birth, her parents moved to Oregon, in Klamath County. Cindy grew up in Klamath County until she relocated to Roseburg in 1956.

She then enrolled in Robertsons School of Business and went on to graduate with a degree in accounting. Soon after, she landed a job with the government at BLM. It was during this time that she met her husband to be, Tom Harris. They went on to wed in 1966.

Cindy retired at a young age from BLM, only to then decide to work for Douglas County by serving in their Environmental Health Dept. She and Tom remained married for 48 years, during which, they grew to acquire many common interests. One of which included, becoming avid card players at the Douglas County Senior Center. She and Tom also shared a love for salmon fishing as well; taking innumerable trips together on the ocean for 40+ years, easily making it their number one shared passion together.

Cindy continued to remain very active with the Senior Center for 20 years, partaking in many of their activities and eventually joining them on many of their field trips as well. Cindy fostered many friendships within the Douglas County Senior Center and became very well known and loved for her bright red hair, and her even brighter smile.

Cindy's love for her family and zest for life was endless. She was always eager to be on the go and to begin some new adventure. Whether it was her love of music and dancing, or how much she relished a good card game. Yet, those whom were the closest to her, knew, that in spite of all of those things she enjoyed or the friends she so easily made along the way, her number one priority always remained her family.

From her children, all the way down to her great- great- grandchildren, she made them all feel so loved. Her heart, her source of joy in life, was always family. Cindy made it her life's work to cherish and dote on everyone she cared for. Yet, her purest form of love, her legacy that she has left for all of her family and friends, was her heart for children. From smallest to oldest. Where you would see a child in the family, you would find Cindy.

Cindy (Winnifred) Harris, passed away on August 19th, 2019. She was preceded in death by her husband of 48 years, Tom Harris, and her daughter Dena Bunnell. Cindy is survived by her two sons, Rick Bunnell (his wife, Donna) and Kevin Bunnell (his wife, Pam); in addition, she has left behind nine grandkids; nineteen great-grandkids; four great- great- grandkids; as well as her last love, John Swanson.

A small private celebration of life will be held with her family.

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