Holiday Hostess Gifts that Inspire Comfort

(StatePoint) This year, rethink that bottle of wine and instead, give the gift of getting cozy and slowing down to truly enjoy everyday moments. Tap into glowing candlelight, cozy textiles, and celebrating simple pleasures when shopping for friends and family. In other words, give the gift of hygge. Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish way of life embraces a feeling of cozy contentment. 

Here is a collection of gift ideas that will inspire those moments during winter, a hygge-high season, and all year long. 

Cozy Textiles

Textiles are hygge in the way that they keep us warm, conjure up memories, and make everyday life more beautiful. For example, a chunky throw adds warmth to a couch or the foot of a bed, while a Turkish hand towel is a fresh addition to any bathroom or kitchen for everyday use or when guests arrive. Sheepskins have been bringing warmth and coziness into homes for generations with their soft textures and natural beauty. 

Glow and Scent 

Lighting and fresh scents are key elements of hygge, and candles are the perfect gift for any holiday hostess. In addition to sharing holiday cheer, guests’ personal celebrations can sometimes leave behind a distinct smell. Made with essential oils and sourced from natural ingredients, consider a Cannabolish gift set that includes a candle and room sprays. The candles give the gift of glow while clearing away any leftover party odors. Cannabolish comes in chic packaging that can attractively hold court in a guestroom or on the hall table for in-home odor control while guests are visiting. Developed by OMI Industries -- the world’s authority on odor control – both the spray and candles are designed to naturally eliminate the toughest household odors, including tobacco and cannabis smoke, delivering discreet confidence to those in legal cannabis markets. 

Sip and Savor 

Give a set of tea, a handcrafted mug, and a book on hygge, such as “The Year of Living Danishly,” by Helen Russell, to be read over the winter. Share teas that can be experienced throughout the day, such as a mid-afternoon pause or a calming toast before bedtime. 

Be Present

Finally, one of the most memorable gifts to give is to turn off the electronics, slow down, and be present in the small everyday moments when spending time with family and friends over the holidays. The best part? This gift fits any budget. 


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