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Liberals are ecstatic that a judge in Hawaii is writing immigration policy for the entire country, and that policy is: We have no right to tell anyone that he can’t live in America. (Unless they’re Christians — those guys we can keep out.)

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The recent sex scandal that led to the resignation of Winston’s mayor has the city’s voters shaking their heads somberly. Hindsight is always 20/20, as the saying goes, but the cliché could be just as deceiving as our recollections of the past.

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WASHINGTON — Under the dark gray cloud, amid the general gloom, allow me to offer a ray of sunshine. The last two months have brought a pleasant surprise: Turns out the much feared, much predicted withering of our democratic institutions has been grossly exaggerated. The system lives.

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WASHINGTON — With a shrewdly calculated innocence, Judge Neil Gorsuch told a big fat lie at his confirmation hearing on Tuesday. Because it was a lie everyone expected, nobody called it that.

  • From The (Medford) Mail Tribune
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After voters resoundingly defeated Ballot Measure 97, a $6 billion proposed tax increase on large corporations, the measure’s backers came up with a revised tax plan they hoped could gain traction in Salem. But judging from a new poll of Oregon voters released last week, the public wants to …

  • BILL DUNCAN For The News-Review
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EDITOR’S NOTE: The columns of Bill Duncan, a long-time journalist, have returned to The News-Review. Duncan, who died in November 2011, wrote a weekly column for The News-Review and The Capital Press of Salem from 1981 to 2011. Duncan wrote the following column in March, 1996. His thoughts a…

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A key talking point in the theory that Donald Trump and the Russians conspired in the 2016 election is the allegation that last summer, during the Republican convention, the Trump campaign changed the GOP platform to weaken its stance on Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

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There’s a race going on for states to file or join new lawsuits against President Trump’s second executive order temporarily halting entry into the U.S. for some people from a few terror-plagued countries. The new actions promise to be rehashes of the states’ earlier suits against Trump’s or…

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WASHINGTON — The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, but for governments it’s not that easy. Once something is given — say, health insurance coverage to 20 million Americans — you take it away at your peril. This is true for any government benefit, but especially for health care. There’s a…

  • From The East Oregonian
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In a way, Oregon finally gets to turn the page on the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters, little more than a year after a 41-day standoff came to a close.

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WASHINGTON — Although the National Endowment for the Arts’ 2016 cost of $148 million was less than one-hundredth of 1 percent of the federal budget, attempting to abolish the NEA is a fight worth having, never mind the certain futility of the fight.

  • From The (Salem) Statesman Journal
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Oregon has required its electorate to vote by mail since an initiative was passed by voters in 1998. But Oregonians, who have the option to “cast” their ballots at an official drop site on Election Day, have had to pony up the postage the past 19 years to participate in democracy.

  • From The (Eugene) Register-Guard
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A quiet revolution is going on a corner of the wood products industry with potentially far-reaching economic implications for Western Oregon. It involves the use of “mass timber” — engineered wood products made by bonding layers of wood together at right angles, including cross-laminated tim…

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TEMPE, Ariz. — Encouraging developments are as welcome as they are rare in colleges and universities that cultivate diversity in everything but thought. Fortunately, state legislatures, alumni and philanthropists are planting little academic platoons that will make campuses less intellectual…

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