I have to question the validity of the accusations surrounding Sen. Jeff Kruse. To start with, the two accusers are both Democrats.

Judging by the way the Democrats are treating President Trump, one has to wonder if these two women are the Maxine Waters of the Oregon Legislature. Jeff Kruse has served Douglas County and the state of Oregon well for many years.

I would hate to see an outstanding career destroyed because of partisan politics.

Jeff Molinari


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There are only two Republican women in the state senate.


Kruse can't apparently even keep his own story straight. Different versions of the same story to different outlets.


Well... It all depends on what your definition of is... is!


To blame a political party vendetta as the motive for accusations against State Senator Kruse, removes any serious look into the allegations. More than two women have complained of Jeff Kruse's unwanted flirting and touching. As well, men in the legislature have also said that Jeff's behavior with women has long been known, but it's what guys do. When enough women stand up to this behavior, perhaps because they have each other's voices behind them, then this sexual harassment gets exposed. Whether it is yesterday or today, the incident in the victim's mind does not have an expiration date. I believe these women, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, they are women who have been used.

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