Regarding the Jeff Kruse accusations, it appears some people don't believe in innocent until proven guilty.

If a man is accused of inappropriate behavior, then they are guilty. Period. So far, none of us know what really happened or when, what is really going on. We only know a woman said Kruse inappropriately touched her. Just what does this mean? We have no idea.

So it is really unfair at this point to tar and feather this man, or any man in this situation, until we have the facts. It bothers me that suddenly we are inundated with various accusations against various men with no corroboration. Apparently it's the Weinstein affect - women start going over relationships with men, thinking perhaps they have been victimized. Maybe they have. How will we know with those who waited five, 10 or 20 years to speak about it?

I truly sympathize with any woman who has been inappropriately touched. No one should have to deal with this, but we women need to remember to speak up right away if it happens and take steps to assure it doesn't happen again. I have no way of knowing the truth about the Kruse accusations. All I'm saying is, let's not rush to judgment here. That isn't fair.

Remember, if a man is falsely or wrongly accused like this, where does he go to get his reputation back? Because people tend to remember the accusation, not the retraction or correction of what may or may not have happened. These types of accusations put road blocks in man/woman relationship, leaving men unsure how to act, thus hesitant to deal with women. Will a compliment of your dress offend? Be clear how you expect to be treated - don't settle for less. Instead of a victim, be a victor.

Midge Frost


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It is almost impossible for a white heterosexual man to understand the inherent intimidation that go with sexual harassment. In the case of Roy Moore of Alabama, one girl was 14, the others 18 and 19, who, like all women, are taught to respect elders, respect men of influence and blame yourself if anything gets weird. Perhaps the men, —and women who have never experienced sexual harassment— cannot imagine being a young woman renting an apartment, holding a job where the manager or boss makes life miserable through confusing suggestions, teasing, groping, attempted kisses and then acting as though nothing happened. Women who don't go along with flirting have been accused of being "prudes" and worse. People who have not been subjected to these kinds of actions cannot seem to appreciate the amount of courage it takes to tell the man who wields power over you, whether it's your rental, your job, your parent's associates, that you are being subjected to their power against your will; to be able to accurately describe their actions which cause you distress and then to tell others. You risk being accused yourself, — refused belief by people and then trying to shut you up, — all which then hurts the self esteem of the woman or girl, even more. As for Jeff Kruse, according to more than one woman as well as other men, he has been slimy with women over many years. You may like this man, but please try to open your mind to the possibility that a man you respect might also be liar, hypocritical and slimy.


It is a dark time when even the mention of a Senator masturbating is a topic of conversation. This is not about Democrats and Republicans it is about perverts and people who condone them.


This is eerily familiar to the women who are now saying Judge Moore acted inappropriately 38 years ago - 38 years ago????? I think they should have said something sooner....a lot of these stories are beginning to sound like orchestrated Democrat attacks.....what - the Antifa didn't work well enough - so now they're trying another tactic?


I'll go with Mitt Romney's reply about the Roy Moore predation: "Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections. I believe Leigh Corfman. Her account is too serious to ignore. Moore is unfit for office and should step aside."


Some women are afraid to speak up. If they do what will happen to their jobs or careers? Some women are embarrassed and ashamed and would rather pretend it didn't happen. But Kruse has told different stories to different people (one story to the cops and a different version to this paper). He was either lying when he spoke to the police or lied when he spoke to a reporter from the paper. Most people don't find liars credible.


True. But some people do. Witness... BILL CLINTON!!

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