I have never thought that most people who are supporting the Home Rule Charter proposal are unscrupulous, or that they might have anything but the best intentions. I just think that they’re being led down a dangerous path.

Those with whom I’ve discussed the proposed charter seem to believe that it is totally benign. They say, “What the heck? It sounds harmless enough. Maybe it’s worth a try.” To those good people, I say, it’s a “pig in a poke.” It is not at all benign. It may in fact turn out to be much more destructive and disruptive to our county than any of us imagine today. So I say, it’s simply not worth the risk.

I see no guarantees that we’ll have greater access, representation or any savings at all. In fact, it appears that we’ll have less access and representation, and we’ll spend more.

The proposed charter was developed without public input or discussion, which concerns me greatly. Because it takes power from the commissioners elected by the people and gives it to an appointed manager, it blurs the line of authority between the departments responsible for public service and the public itself.

This proposed charter will do nothing to address the challenges and issues facing Douglas County, and in fact will ultimately reduce our county's influence and leadership on the most important issues we face. It appears to be a "solution in search of a problem." Please join me in voting "no" on the proposed county charter.

Lee Paterson


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This Charter was put on the ballot following the legal manner of the initiative process. A group of people get an idea. Enough people agree. They put their idea in writing. It is taken to the District Attorney for tweeking. It is then recorded and the necessary signatures are obtained. (Discussion and input happens before people add their signature). The opposition even filed a lawsuit, requiring the charter people to raise money for legal fees. The judge sided with the Home Rule people. This is on the ballot through nothing but up and up measures! It is the opposition being funded from outside the county, with their huge signs full of lies, fear tactics, and mis-information, that are not on the up and up. There are 9 other counties in Oregon that had the bravery to try something new, and are happy and pleased they ventured forth with Home Rule and did not stagnate in the old ways of their old system of government. Do you want Douglas county to stagnate, or move forward with daring and bravery like the pioneers, our parents and grandparents? Look what Bill Gates started in his garage! Had he not ventured forth, we wouldn't have these computers and I-phones, etc. all over and in every home. Get the FACTS and then you will vote Yes for the Home Rule Charter......the way of the future.

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