Definition of an environmental extremist. According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the American Language, an extremist is a person or group that would resort to extreme or radical measures to further their agenda.

For example, let's say you belong to an organization that supports locking up the federal timberlands because of the Endangered Species Act. This results in a hazardous buildup of fuels which feed catastrophic fires every summer for more than two decades. This burns up the habitat, the poor little animals that you're trying to preserve and turns millions of board feet of timber into smoke, ashes and carbon dioxide. This has been happening every summer for at least a couple of decades, and it gets worse every year.

In the face of such graphic evidence, how can anyone state that there aren't any "extreme" environmentalists in Douglas County? In my opinion, the Douglas Timber Operators and mill owners who provide jobs should be complimented, not criticized. Have we forgotten all of the good causes the Ford Family Foundation has supported and the library they helped fund? They have donated money to help defeat Home Rule because they believe they have an agenda to make timber jobs even scarcer. They want to keep the mills open and their workers on the jobs.

I simply can't believe the unknown authors of this measure that was crafted behind closed doors with no public notice or input have invested all this time and effort because they love us so much. I'm almost certain they have an unstated and closely guarded agenda.

Call me old fashioned if you must, but I will be voting "no" on Measure 10-159 come Nov. 7. Thanks for paying attention.

Norman Neal


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This thinking is a little backwards. The timber industry ought to be grateful to Douglas County as it has done all of the nest feathering. . . those days are about to end boys. Stay tuned.


Well, well, well, if it isn't Norm Neal, born, bred, fed member of the timber industry. You remember me, Flossie, and it is my family and I who are supporting Home Rule. Please ask your opponents of Home Rule to quit stealing our signs. We are a little upset with their extreme efforts to defeat Home Rule by lying, cheating, stealing. We are the real people of Douglas County who want change. Follow the money. There are thousands of dollars coming in from outside the county to defeat this new form of government, because the outsiders are benefiting (not the people of Douglas Co) from the current system, and having the 3 commissioners in the pockets of the timber barons. I encourage all citizens to support your small businesses, farmers, and ranchers of Douglas County by voting YES for Home Rule.


The timber industry is not a knight in shining armor. It is a business that is here to make money. They want to keep employees working because they want to keep the money rolling in. If they really cared about a fair election or vote they wouldn't put one sided propaganda in with their employees pay checks. Norm Neal is just a member of the good old boys club and doesn't want the current system to change.

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