Currently in our society and the media, there is a movement to protect a deified (regarded as godlike creatures) group of people, females. The fact of the business is, all of mankind, female and male, have all sinned and fall short of the perfection of God.

We are all capable of sin, and don't pretend that isn't the truth. There are bad men, real bad men, and there are bad women, real bad women. This recent move that all females are deserving of this protection is deception, as no entire group of humanity is without an evil nature. There are lying women and lying men, we are all in the same boat. 

Today, when men and women are in the same work place, it is natural for men to be attracted to women and women attracted to men, it is natural. However, there is a current movement today to protect this deified group from these so-called predator men, when saying "You look nice today" is moving toward being considered sexual harassment, when in fact the female may be trying to look extra nice to attract a different male coworker. So who is the predator?

Of course, if lines are crossed, it is your duty to report it at that time. Your duty is to report it right then and there, not way for 10 to 20 or 40 years with no proof or evidence. 

If you allow it or go along with it for some personal gain, like improved job status, acting job or to get something you need, and do not report it, I think they call that prostitution. Truth and what is right must come before money or a job, male or female. If lines are crossed, laws broken, to right a wrong, report it when it happens.

Bud Long


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Oh good gawd . . . where is this guy's cave? And, I have no doubt is leaving a trail of blood from his knuckles dragging the ground.


Currently, our sitting Congress has created for themselves from taxpayer money a slush fund to pay off those who justly allege deviant sexual behavior. Millions have been given to victims as a way to hush up the perverted behavior of male Congress members. The American People are paying Women to remain silent when they're victimized.

The outing of those responsible for their deviant sexual behavior has also been shown to include men in both the media and in Hollywood, who also pay millions to cover up their deviant sexual behavior, much of which was known about for decades.

What sustains this unwritten rule of ensuring deviants can continue to do what they feel is their right? You. And you are not alone in your false assumption that "females" are being deified. There can be no hiding behind God to justify systemic oppression. There is no justification in passing off the view that all men and women sin. Sexual abusers are not living up to anyone's ideology of God and sexual deviation forced on women is not a God given right.

Women who fear for their careers, their right as citizens to work to support their family, raise children, and feel useful in society, live in fear of any man who preys on them. It's the habit of a sexual predator to not only prey, but insure the woman knows it's HER career and reputation that can be destroyed should she speak up. There are women who have grown up in this area who have spent a lifetime dodging unwanted sexual advances and endured lewd, disrespectful remarks and actions toward them. When women speak up, it empowers other women to speak up. I believe, Mr. Long, that if women in our area would begin to speak up, even you would be able to see how this insidious oppression of women perpetuates itself. This is not the deification of females; it is only about women who make up Half The Population, having the courage to finally speak up.


Well said, bud long!

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