The News-Review published a Letter to the Editor submitted by one of our readers that was in poor taste in Thursday’s edition of our newspaper.

The Public Forum on our Opinion page was created to provide a platform for civil debate. The letter in question, in retrospect, was not civil.

The letter was found to be in poor taste and we removed it from our website.

We regret the decision to run this letter and have reviewed our policy. We will be more vigilant when proofreading community submissions.

Submitted letters do not represent the view of The News-Review. They are representative of the various views of our community members.

Our letter policy states that letters considered libelous or in poor taste will not be published. The News-Review does not condone violence of any kind and it is not the paper’s intention to incite it.

We made a mistake and hope to be more cognizant of the effects the letters have on our community in the future.

Readers are encouraged to continue to debate this letter, and any other topic, through the Public Forum.

The News-Review is a strong advocate of free speech, as was apparent in last week’s editorial in which we wrote, “Civil debate is, of course, preferable to angry words, but the point is we all have the right to have — and express — our views. The right to free speech, especially free political speech, in word and print is one of the things that made our fledgling republic the first of its kind in the world.

“It’s no accident that free speech, along with freedom of the press, religion and assembly were wrapped into the First Amendment. It’s first because without it we simply would not be the free country that we are.”

While we encourage diverse opinions no matter how uncomfortable they may be, freedom of speech does not come with a blank check. To not observe some boundaries would be irresponsible of us.

Letters may be submitted online at or by emailing us at

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Admitting a mistake without an apology, which is what the News Review staff has done here, continues to demonstrate a lack of accountability for its actions.


Another letter promoting violence was just posted or printed on the online section of the NR. Either these letters are posted without a moderator screening them first or the person responsible for these doesn't follow their own guidelines. It would be simply enough to simply not print these until someone has okayed them.


The publishing of this letter to editor inspired me to make a donation to Planned Parenthood in honor of the News Review. Here's to your ongoing commitment to unbiased news!


I'm thankful for this apology, but I hope that in the future, people employed with you will have compassion training to avoid things like this in the future. It's alarming, when it boils down to it, that someone on your staff thought that publishing a letter suggesting the cold-blooded murder of protesters was appropriate in any possible way. It's not; on top of that, I sincerely hope that one Terry Stafford of Riddle is ashamed of themselves for suggesting such a thing. America isn't a land of oppression, it's a land of freedom, and the suggestion that protesters (in light of the threatening of theirs and other's rights) should be shot for standing up for what they believe in is unamerican at best and absolutely lacking in any kind of empathy or conscience.


I did not see any apology; only an admission they made a mistake.


This apology shows a great deal of integrity on behalf of the editorial board. I sent a letter expressing my concern, and received a personal email response this evening, advising me of this editorial and that the letter had been removed. What you wrote regarding freedom of speech and the grave responsibility that goes with that is meaningful and I thank you.


There was no apology. They just admitted they erred.


Thank you for this apology.


All they did was admit to making a mistake. They did not apologize to the community.

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