More and more, we’ve been able to cover community libraries popping up across the county and reopening in the face of the catastrophic budgetary nightmare.

Six libraries have already reopened, relying on volunteer power and strong community alliances to again make the many, many shelves of knowledge and entertainment open to the public.

Last Thursday, we told the story of the Glendale library opening after more than four months of being shut down.

Last month, the Myrtle Creek library kicked off its summer reading program with an all-volunteer staff.

Sutherlin, Oakland, Reedsport and Riddle have reopened as well, and both Yoncalla and Cayonville have crept closer to opening, with aspirations to open their doors in late August.

It’s been inspiring to see the army of volunteers gathering for form nonprofit, community libraries, and that so many are willing to step forward and give up their time in favor of supporting and staffing their local libraries. In Myrtle Creek alone, more than 100 people lined up to volunteer when the city’s library reopened its doors in early July.

In a June editorial, we commended the county’s residents for coming together in an effort to find innovative solutions to reopen the shuttered libraries and the county for being open enough to allow such solutions to take hold. Two months later and just about everyone has continued to impress.

We’re still waiting for Drain, Winston and, well, Roseburg.

We’ll admit that setting up the Roseburg library is the most difficult task of the bunch. It’s the largest, most complicated, and needs to have a secure future. We’re doubtful that an all-volunteer staff would be enough to support the needs of the city’s residents.

We’re disappointed that the library across the street from us isn’t open, but we appreciate why the city council is being careful. When it opens, it needs to stay open.

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The library had an offer of $10,000 for a simple sign placement. Has that been investigated?

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