In 1994, the United States was abuzz with news that 40 years of a Democrat-controlled Congress had come to an end. Newt Gingrich and his cadre of fresh-faced Republican Congressmen and women were going to turn our country around for the better – despite the fact that Democrat William Jefferson Clinton was shaping up to be one of the most popular presidents ever.

Born of that era, as a young Mexican-American raised in East Los Angeles, I grew up watching Ozzie and Harriet, Leave It To Beaver, My Three Sons and Father Knows Best. These shows were reflections of 1950s and ’60s America, with the father being the breadwinner and mom at home taking care of the house and kids. Who knew those shows would be the epitaph of that society?

Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was having its initial impact on our economy, having settled in and now yielding its fruits. Unionization of many industries and businesses was ostensibly leading to a better life for the American worker with higher wages and a say in what benefits they would receive.

To “stimulate” our economy and agriculture, the federal government was paying farmers to not grow and produce agricultural products. After the New Deal failed to bring us out of the depression as promised, the second new deal was enacted.

The Works Progress Administration, the Wagner Act and new government bureaucracies were creating a bigger government with new, big programs — new, big programs with new, big taxes to pay for them.

As Americans were adjusting their personal economies to pay for the costs associated with the new deals and their impact on the nation’s economy, along came President Lyndon Johnson and his “Great Society.”

I witnessed first-hand the impact of higher taxes and a higher cost of living on my family. Suddenly, my mother was taking in laundry and babysitting for extra money so our family could make ends meet. Eventually, she took a job at a seasonal foods company in Los Angeles. It seemed my dad’s pay wasn’t enough for us to cover our bills.

On top of working to help our household budget, my mom ironed robes and church linens to get a cut in our tuition. We kids also saw a greater frequency of beans and rice for dinner, as these were cheaper meals. Mom used to call it “comida de pobres” (poor people’s food).

We also began to receive phone calls in our home from the finance companies my parents had borrowed from to help keep our home afloat. Family finances were not good.

Our family was not unique. Mothers were leaving households in droves to help their family budgets. Husbands were taking second jobs. As a result, kids were being left alone at home. This was the “new normal.”

As this continued into the 60s, along came the “peace movement” and “women’s liberation.” Even more “movements” aimed at challenging both governmental authority and the values of the “traditional family” – “Chicano power,” “Black power,” “Students for a Democratic Society” and so many more.

The younger generation had more time on its hands and no parent was at home to instill family values and a sense of respect for elders and authority.

What was I witnessing?

It was the destruction of a values-based society from within itself. Our government was growing and the family unit was shrinking. Faith-based family values were becoming a joke.

Kids were running rampant because mom and dad were at work. Who would tell them to stop what they were doing and punish them for doing wrong? Gangs began forming to a degree never before seen.

Crips, Bloods, 18th Street, Mexican Mafia, Wah Chings and many more battled for the streets, and control of kids with nothing better to do. Anything to swell their ranks and become more powerful.

Fast forward to the 1990s and now, so many years later, to the 21st century where we see what in the United States remains as “the new normal.”

When was the last time you heard of a couple getting married and thinking that one parent or the other would be a “stay at home” mom or dad? It almost never happens! No one even conceives of this type of marriage – except, perhaps, for a rich Kardashian family member.

As the government needs to feed its self-perpetuating, bureaucratic tapeworm, it needs money, and taxes continue to rise. Regulation of business increases the weight of its almighty foot on the throats of those businesses.

Feeling that weight, businesses then shed employees. Those employees plummet into poverty and onto food stamps and welfare to the point where 47 percent of our country’s population now receive Food Stamp benefits.

Today we have the “America is wrong” society. President Obama visits the world, apologizing for our country’s past. We are battling a nameless evil in the Middle East, because our administration is too politically correct and afraid to call it by its name — “Islamic Extremism.”

No one wants to win a war anymore. Our military leaders have targets in sight in Afghanistan that they lose while awaiting a “go-ahead” from a “suit” in The Pentagon!

The notion of starting at the bottom and working your way to the top is anathema to our youth and the labor unions.

No one wants to take the time to learn the value of a dollar by sweeping floors and cleaning toilets. It’s $15 per hour or nothing!

“Transgendered” rights (representing a whopping 0.3 percent of our population) are taking precedence over the rights of the other 99.7 percent of the population, and the traditional family.

How much air time has been spent on “Caitlyn” Jenner? How many privately owned family businesses will be ruined or shut down by the hammer of the federal government for not yielding to another minority segment of the population?

We are upside down in this country. Cops are wrong and criminal thugs have all the rights. The United States Constitution has been deemed a relic of the past by the progressive movement.

The world is now a “community” and don’t you dare hurt someone’s feelings with your words or you’ll be in court for the rest of your life.

When the citizens of the United States elect principled statesmen and women, rather than clay-footed politicians, we will steady our ship of state. Until then, God help us!

John Flores is a resident of Myrtle Creek. He is the former Deputy Sheriff of San Bernadino County, California, and former candidate for US Congress in California in 1994 and 1996.

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Remember Ignaz Semmelweis

In the US, governments work for corporations, not the people.

Forcing families to consume more products and services and to work harder to make ends meet serves the agenda of corporations.

Destroying families serves the agenda, also, because families will stick together to support and defend each other against even corporations and governments. The family has been made into the enemy of the corporations and the states (nations and governments) that serve the corporations.

Ever look into US Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler? In the 1930s, he was recruited by rich fascist US families to overthrow the US government. He instead turned them in. But they were too powerful to prosecute.

These sorts of fascists are still around today, still working at destroying the United States to pervert it into something more like the N*a*z*i Germany they so admired.

(In this era of growing censorship, you are not allowed to spell that word properly here, it is considered profanity even when used appropriately and accurately and your comment will be blocked!)

What is happening with the COVID-19 crisis is another way to further their agenda. Look at how rapidly people are giving up their human rights and freedoms in terror of a virus that in fact should not be a big deal were people actually healthy in the first place.

I don't agree with everything in this linked article, but it seems to have a lot of truth and thoughts to consider.

The economic damage being caused by what government is doing is going to be worse than the damage from the virus itself. The many failed businesses and out of work parents will further damage another generation of children and harm the futures of many generations to come.

Any time you see the US government declare war on something (war on poverty, war on cancer, war on drugs, war on terror, or this latest war on a virus) it is probable they are simply announcing they plan to use that theme to enrich the super-rich (billionaires, not measly poor doctors and small business owners) by taking from the middle class, giving a tiny bit to the poor to buy their votes, and the vast majority to the super-rich so they can get their campaign finacing and favorable coverage from the mainstream media the super-rich control. Also, they will probably make the problem on which they declared war worse so they can keep that war scam going as long as they can.

Take the war on cancer. It has been used to justify for almost half a century hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer spending to finance "cancer research" that has failed to solve the problem.

Meanwhile, the researchers who really are aiming to solve the problem and are often doing their work with alternative non-governmental financing have come up with lots of amazing discoveries and workable solutions. Government and industry do not disclose these, for solving the problem would end the ability to scam the public to enrich and empower themselves at the public's expense. People who talk about these concepts are attacked by mainstream media, or their solutions are portrayed as crazy and impossible to follow.

Consider the work of Dr. Thomas Seyfried in Boston. He has worked out that cancer cells have broken mitochondia, and if you transplant those broken mitochondria into healthy cells, the healthy cells become cancerous.

He has also worked out that these broken mitochondria cannot burn fats for fuel, but instead depend upon glucose and glutamine (an amino acid).

So he's shown that if you consume hight fat very low-carb diets, it starves many kinds of cancer tumors. And he's working on what to do with suppressing the cancer cell's ability to use glutamine as a fuel for a full solution, but his findings so far have already been used to slow or stop brain cancers.

But the government advocates for high-carb low-fat diets, and many Americans followed the government's bad advice and have thereby increased their risks for cancer and the severity of any cancers they do develop.

I could go on with information like this for hours, but my fingers are tired.

Bottom line is that government is a huge threat to not just family values but your lives, and it is this way because it serves greedy destructive corporations that are above the law.

Look into the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act for an example of this. Once a corporation gets the CDC (which is a vaccine business that sells $5 billion of vaccines per year and makes profits on patents it holds) to recommend a vaccine for children, it is immune for any and all liability for that vaccine. If it kills a thousand people or causes 10,000 people to be temporarily paralyzed or develop neurological diseases, they cannot be sued. So there is no incentive for them to fix the problems with their dangerous products.

Don't believe me about how bad the problem is? Listen to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the assassinated president's nephew, talk about the nightmare it has become.

To save the United States and our families, we must oppose pretty much everything the very large corporations, their rich owners such as Bill Gates, and their government servants are trying to shove down our throats over the COVID-19 crisis. If these people get their way, we will be livestock to be pharmed into sickness and drugged for life to make them wealthy as we poor sub-billionaires lose our rights, our health, our lives, and our nation.

There are already solutions for COVID-19 that are cheap, safe, and effective that would help people and also help them panic less.

But the FDA and CDC are working hard to hide these so as to scare all into agreeing to forced vaccinations, digital travel and work certificates that depend upon vaccination status, and termination of our ability to get these cheap, safe, and effective options so we will be forced to pay extortionary prices to buy their expensive drugs such as vaccines and anti-virals full of side effects offering marginal efficacy.

All of these issues are connected, because all of them threaten the future of our families and our nation.


great response your right on the money!


Correct on all counts!

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