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My wife and I live six miles upriver from Tiller and we are intimately connected to the South Umpqua River. It runs through our property, and when the water is up, it gets very close to the house. My wife’s family started renting the place from Roseburg Lumber after the ’64 flood, and she’s …

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  • Sally C. Pipes
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President Donald Trump is not the only politician saying he is going to work to get drug prices down. Oregon lawmakers are already patting themselves on the back for tackling drug prices. Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) says the measure, Oregon House Bill 2387, could be a model for nationa…

  • Dan Jocoy
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Recently our little community was rocked with the tragic news of a Riddle house fire during the early morning of March 1 that resulted in the death of four children with the mother, father and a teenager hospitalized. A day later, the mother and young teen died as a result of injuries sustai…

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Readers recently learned that Douglas County’s Class of 2016 graduation rate is 65 percent, lagging nearly 10 points behind that of the state. Considering that Oregon ranks 48th in the nation, it’s easy to be discouraged.

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As the newest elected county commissioner, I attended County College, put on by the Association of Oregon Counties. Our first class was held at OSU in Corvallis. I had never been to OSU and was very impressed with the campus, students and faculty that I met. I grew up in Douglas County and h…

  • Steve Gorthy
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Warning: The subject matter in this column may not be appropriate for all ages of readers. Certain concepts may not have been explained to elders by readers under 12 years of age. Kids, screen your parents and grandparents as they scan this with their magnifying glasses to catch signs of hea…

  • Susan Applegate
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My family has lived in Douglas County since the 1850s. Living here my whole life and listening to my family stories and history, I’ve come to see the logging industry as a boom and bust risky business, especially for the logger or mill worker. Over time it’s become obvious to me that the tim…

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After reading Douglas County Commissioner Chris Boice’s response to a very well-written opinion piece published in The News-Review on Jan. 10, “Spotted Owls are not to blame,” by wildlife biologist Janice Reid, I felt concerned about the discouragement of public input on matters that are ver…

  • AARON BAIMBRIDGE For The News-Review
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We are already a month into this new year and just like last year, this year didn’t pause to let me finish up last year before starting. I find myself still working to finish up the last couple years as 2017 starts. I am sure several people reading this have the same feeling. 2017 also bring…

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What would have been the reaction of the media giants had 67 Republicans not attended the inauguration of President Obama? There would have been outrage at such disrespect, a firestorm of criticism that never ends.

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