This week, the lawsuit against a transgender boy who used his preferred bathroom in the Sutherlin School District was dropped due to precedent cases ruling in favor of the defendant. To this, I can only say:

What did you expect?

A sophomore in high school was dragged into a world of fret and stress because he peed (in a stall with a locked door) in the bathroom that didn’t give him anxiety and depression. The army of voices standing up in defense of the defendant, trying in vain to explain that the son of the mother carrying out the lawsuit was a bully and a bigot, was ignored.

And to the mother who championed this movement, Summer Eastwood: You claim to have been defending your son’s privacy rights, but what about the rights of the defendant? What about the young man who now has to walk around school knowing that the door has been flung open for unwanted questions about his gender and body? What about his right to remain anonymous in your bigoted tirade against his ability to pee while at school?

I suppose it doesn’t matter, because the lawsuit is dropped and both the defendant and your son can go back to being normal teenagers. I hope you search within yourself for why you are so filled with hatred and take care to recover from it.

Rian Berriman graduated last June from Sutherlin High School, and was the co-founder and president of the LGBT+ Club. She is known as an equal rights activist in the region and is currently engaged to a transgender woman.

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