It is disappointing and ironic that the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America would raffle a guitar signed by Ted Nugent to raise money for a veterans music therapy program. Disappointing because Nugent is an outspoken racist who represents the worst traits in American citizens.

Ironic because Nugent has bragged about how he avoided the draft during the Vietnam War. By his own admission, he didn't bath for months, wore the same clothing without washing and soiled his pants in order to present himself in the most undesirable fashion for his pre-induction physical. He dodged the draft while the Vietnam Veterans of America served honorably.

I urge the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America to rethink the object of their raffle. Choose a donor who represents good and honor. Not a racist draft dodger who has done nothing positive for our country.

Richard Cremer


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Writing as a Combat Unit Vietnam Veteran and Lifetime VVA Member, Ted Nugent represents an ugly remnant of my post-war experience. Wrapping oneself in My Flag, adopting a bad boy gun toting red-blooded racist draft-dodging hick singer is tantamount to the ugliness heaped on us by the left-leaning anti war crowd turned Wall Street operatives. Find a good home for the guitar in the local landfill.


It isn't like the guitar is signed by anyone of real significance so it's a player not a wall decoration.


So anything from a draft dodger is unacceptable? That eliminates stuff from many politicians like our current president, former presidents Bill Cliton and George Bush. As well as many smaller politicians like Bernie Sanders and Romney. I believe even John Wayne is on the list!

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