I just learned that my niece, her husband and two small children have no health insurance. They earn too much to qualify for child assistance in their state and not enough to pay for coverage.

I don't know what a stress burden this is for them, but I know it adds stress on me. On everyone. When the day comes they need unplanned medical care, they will zip through their savings, then impose on the medical care system, aid organizations and likely friends and relatives to help them. We can all help them and millions of other Americans in advance by supporting Improved Medicare for All.

I believe health care is part of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that it should be available to all Americans and in the long run will save us a lot of money. Most of the rest of the world has figured this out and is leaving us bleeding on the side of the road in our own short-sighted neglect. There is good information from the medical community at www.pnhp.org.

Nita Nettleton


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It's pretty disgusting that the only people to respond to this letter are those who ignore the suffering of the loved ones of the writer to make political points. I wonder how they would feel if it happened to someone they cared about?

They can assume whatever they want if it helps them sleep at night, but for those who prefer the truth, the facts are that 60% of bankruptcies are due to medical bills, and 75% of those are covered.

How willfully ignorant do you have to be to think all these people are just irresponsible? The reality is that the vast majority of those without insurance are the working poor.

Finally, how mean-spirited do you have to be to think that it is more important to deny care to some based on income when it means that care is more expensive for you?


So rick you think that people that can't even take care of themselves should have kids and we should pay for that decision? That is irresponsible. If you get horny and make kids it is your responsibility to care for and pay for those kids. Don't push your lack of common sense onto others. Just like if you drink booze and drive you might get busted for a DUI. If you play with fire you might get burned. But don't ask me to pay for what you made. I don't ask you to pay for a boob job for me. If I wanted a boob job I can darn well pay for that myself.


Do not have children if you cannot afford to take care of them - in every way. Health care is not a right - it is a responsibility. Period.


Our eventual end (our death) is also a part of life. Wonder if the writer of the letter believes that final expenses should be paid for too?


Most people that say they can't afford health care don't think twice about spending money on cable tv, expensive phone service, fast food, eating out, making car payments on an auto they can't afford, etc. Just in general living beyond their means. If you or a loved one dosen't have health insurance look for another job that offers it? They are the ones that decided to have kids and no apparently can't pay for them. Don't understand why people who can't afford kids don't use birth control.


You got that right!

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