Today, America faces an unprecedented crisis.

Not that we were more hopeless than the Revolutionary War winter. No more so than the Civil War. No more outraged than 9/11. What makes this more troubling are the morons in the Democratic party.

I recently saw this mock news release: “President Trump has COVID. Our thoughts and prayers are with the virus.” It reminded me of Lincoln’s famous quote: “...folks without vices have few virtues.”

Morons. They are dim-whits, but they (might) vote. Moronic thinking, on the surface, looks different from the ink-quilled days when those events were set to parchment, thereby creating history. We are at a crisis in the election phase where the Democrats are fervently courting the most earnest constituency still available to them, the "Moron Vote." Forget about the Black and the Latinos or the Bird Watchers votes.

Morons, however don't believe in Joe Biden given his mental fatigue or lack of political accreditation after 40 years in Washington. Furthermore, Kamala Harris had zero popularity in the debates. She presented poorly, and unlikeable to "woke" Blacks/Latinos who all know she jailed more of them in California than white guys.

In their minds, what's changed with these two? Moron's don't care. They want something ... for free.

This election is close. Old constituencies are eroding. The Black/Latino voters know Trump created jobs for them, and they sense Joe won't. Their vote goes to Trump! But if Trump laid the challenge of oh, say, early retirement at the feet of moronic pivotal thinkers, then Joe loses their vote.

When the Bird Watchers vote for Trump too, crisis averted! Prosperity wins and, without working for anything, the morons can live in retirement without leaving Mom and Dad's place.

Wayne Medley


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Latest poll average for Oregon: Biden 57.1%, Trump 37.3%


Would you care for some Louie Gohmert asparagus on that word salad?


Anyone with one whit of education would know the difference between *whit* and *wit*....


According to Pew Research Center, “College-educated White voters favor Biden by 21 percentage points, while those without a college degree favor Trump by a similar margin.” So much for your “moron” theory.

Biden’s voting block is white educated, minorities, women and young people. Trump’s voting block is uneducated white men.


I bet you're glad you got that opinion off your chest. My very best wishes for your civil outlook when you realize you're among only 32 to 40% of people who still believe anything this criminal dictator wannabe says or does because it's not enough to keep the narcissistic jerk in our White House after election day. Wear a mask. You'll be fine after a couple of years of not being lied to every day.

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