Stop bombarding people every day with updates on the coronavirus. It is a form of fear-mongering which only leads to depression and anxiety; while providing no benefit to the general population.

Statistics are found easily if someone wants to keep abreast of the latest numbers. Since no information is given as to specifics as to who/what/where it serves no purpose but to continue to subjugate the populace. We never receive information on how many have recovered — only new cases — day after day after day. Why not report how many people have died today of cancer; heart disease; opioid overdoses; diabetes, et al? That way we can keep up with all of the bad news.

This has been completely blown out of proportion and needs to be more balanced. The number of people who have died of only this virus is very small, in spite of what we are lead to believe. Most people who have died "from COVID-19" had another underlying problem.

So please stop reporting nothing but gloom and doom and start telling people the truth. And the truth is that life goes on.

Rise Briggs


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Mrs. Briggs,

I would be in total agreement with you if we lived in Vietnam (35 dead), Thailand (59 dead), New Zealand (25 dead), Japan (1,627) or even China (4,634 dead), all countries with large populations whose governments have taken strident actions to protect the health of their citizens. Unfortunately, we live in the U.S. where our federal government leadership has totally abdicated all responsibility for protecting its citizens from a pandemic of historical proportions. While its almost unfathomable our President “handed off” responsibility for this national emergency to individual governors, it’s his constant and deliberate political sabotage of the science that endangers all of us. And it’s not over yet. Hundreds of thousands more Americans will die before this is through because we are essentially on our own.

It’s your repeated uninformed comments in the News-Review declaring coronavirus to be no worse than the common flue which heightens the importance of the News-Review articles educating people on the science. I have to ask. If YOU don’t like reading about coronavirus, why do you comment on every article, column and opinion piece published about coronavirus? Wouldn’t it be infinitely simpler to just ignore that portion of the News-Review the rest of us find important rather than spending energy writing a letter to the editor complaining about it? What’s next? Does the News-Review need to get rid of the want ads, sports section and arbitration settlements because they are bombarding you?


Mike, yes. And Taiwan, with over 23 million population has had seven deaths. Not 700, or 7,000. Not 70. Seven. If we had had a similarly effective response, our death count would be around 100 lives lost instead of north of 200,000.

Maybe Taiwan was so successful because they are so much farther away from China than we are.

Oh, wait.


Rise, ostriches don't bury their heads in the sand, but it appears you wish to. An ostrich burying its head in the sand would be what predators call "dinner!"--which is, of course, why they don't. The articles in the News-Review are not doom-mongering; they provide us updates on a virus that preys upon humans, and the status of which is far more variable from day-to-day than are the rates of heart disease and cancer. Further, this information is a call to action for all of us to do the mask-distance-hygiene thing; a failure to do these has much more acute consequences to the community than do interventions (as valuable as they might be) to prevent cancer or cardiovascular disease. And honestly, you seem to minimize the consequence of this pandemic; it's the worst the world has seen in a century, has killed over a million people (including over 200,000 Americans, and continues to kill. Cases in the Dakotas are growing exponentially. Our response to it has been hampered by downplaying by Trump early on, months later, and now. You might wish to examine the responses by Taiwan, New Zealand, and South Korea to see what responses could have looked like. They did not take the apocryphal ostrich approach. And neither should we.



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