There's an old saying that “all politics are local.”

What does that mean? It means that all legislative and administrative actions from our federal, state, and county governments will, sooner or later, end up on your doorstep. Elections have consequences.

Let’s consider the devastation that used to be one of the most scenic and recreationally-valued watersheds in Oregon. Drive to Diamond Lake and take it all in. Ask yourself “what precipitated this tragedy?" If your answer is “man-caused climate change and logging,” you probably vote Democrat. If your answer is “environmental laws and administrative policies that have restricted management on federally-controlled forests, and fire-suppression efforts that are embarrassing at best,” you probably vote Republican.

Either way, the North Umpqua will never be the same! Personally, I blame the Democrats.

The Endangered Species Act, The Northwest Forest Plan, and National Environmental Policy Act were produced by Democratic legislators, and the administrative leaders within the Forest Service who control the enforcement of these laws appear to be in harmony with the politics behind them. You might say that there’s a sense of “oneness.”

We warned Alice Carlton that an event like The Archie Creek Fire was inevitable. She said it couldn’t happen in the Umpqua. “We need more scientific studies” she told us when we demanded extensive fuel-reduction via commercial-thinning and roadside fuel breaks. The moonscape that remains should be much easier to study and understand. And by the way Alice (and you too Francis Ethearington), how do you feel about the thousands of ancient giants that perished? These were the stands of old-growth that Douglas County has paid such a high price to preserve. Now they’re gone.

These environmental extremists have created laws and enforced forest management policies that have damaged us socio-economically and destroyed private property while utterly failing to preserve the habitat that they espouse to protect.

Todd Vaughn


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Worst of all, Democrats are responsible for Todd!


Also, volcanoes. And earthquakes. I mean, really: look at California's liberal bent, and the San Andreas fault. Don't get me started on our very liberal neighbor to the north, and Mt. St. Helens. Hawaii is among the most liberal of states; who has the most volcanoes? Pele is a Democrat!


All politics may be local, but Todd Vaughn is just plain Loco. By blaming women he is also a misogynist ! Is the News Review so desperate for LTEs that they need to publish his garbage ?

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